We Think We're Playing In A Band: A Tribute To Tally Hall

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We Think We're Playing In A Band: A Tribute To Tally Hall
Released 2015
Label N/A
Producer N/A

'We Think We're Playing In A Band: A Tribute To Tally Hall' is a compilation album of fan-made covers of Tally Hall songs. The project was organised by Allegra Rosenberg and Marcy Nabors. The album was made to commemorate 10 years since Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum, and spans Tally Hall's entire discography. The proceeds from the album go towards the University of Michigan's Mott Children's Hospital. The charity was selected by Tally Hall.[1][2]

Skye AKA HomeStarRunnerTron released a music video for their cover of 'Taken For A Ride' on January 7th 2016[3] The video makes homage to both Tally Hall and Miracle Musical.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Writers Lead Singers Duration
1. "Good Day" Horowitz Minimall 3:25
2. "Taken For A Ride" Horowitz Skye (HomeStarRunnerTron) 3:25
3. "The Bidding" Hawley Espinoza 4:45
4. "Be Born" Cantor Ben Kling 2:51
5. "Banana Man" Hawley Casey Shea 4:26
6. "Just Apathy" Cantor Courtney Flynn 4:55
7. "Spring And A Storm" Hawley Bowman 4:14
8. "Haiku" Cantor Allegra Rosengerg 4:34
9. "The Whole World And You" Horowitz hrmnzr 1:45
10. "Ruler Of Everything" Hawley James LeBlanc 3:34
11. "You & Me" Cantor Molly Lewis 2:37
12. "Cannibal" Sedghi Greyson Mannella 3:16
13. "Who You Are" Cantor Dictionary Attack 3:01
14. "Hymn For A Scarecrow" Hawley Zoë (PlayfulPunch) 5:08
15. "The Trap" Sedghi Marcy Nabors 3:30
16. "A Lady" Hawley Maral Ohan 1:09
17. "Turn The Lights Off" Hawley Matt Martin 3:00
18. "You" Horowitz Tommy Siegel (Jukebox the Ghost) 3:16
19. "All Of My Friends" Hawley Gary Patterson 3:44
20. "Light And Night" Cantor, Hawley, Sedghi, Horowitz, Federman Merced Stratton 5:04


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