June 2014

100% TRUE. RT @ericandre420: i feel like shia labeouf immediately started going downhill when actual cannibal shia labeouf came out

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Unless it’s because they don’t know about it. Geez, I wish there was an online network to spread it around more...

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Srsly, there is no reason any legitimate news outlet should be reporting on Shia Labeouf WITHOUT @robcantor’s song playing.

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Running for you life, from Shia Labeouf! (Song coincidence=funny. Mental illness/addiction=not funny) ow.ly/ywP0p

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AndrewIconKerr Found this easter egg on the @robcantor website. Epic lolz.. :D What a great album! i.imgur.com/kSy0P.gif

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CollinsJeremy13 It's actual cannibal, Luis Suarez pic.twitter.com/0gJtndAH9e

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What're the Spanish words in Flamingo? — Good question. ESPANOL HABLA'ERS, WHAT SAY YOU? ask.fm/a/b0192c15

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lex1cal Thought: @nbccommunity is the @tallyhall of TV: smart & genre-defying w/ a small, but fiercely passionate fanbase, & terrible luck w/ execs.

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.@robcantor explains the origin of the chicken drumstick album cover for the album "Not A Trampoline" facebook.com/robcantormusic…

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@jorD_hi something about a nigerian prince and a hell of a lot of money. :)

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Klkofe Not a trampoline. Obviously. Like, honestly @robcantor you're not that insightful. pic.twitter.com/egZ3YYgJpa

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re: last tweet: user error. cozconfusedhimself.

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Uh…. did anyone else just get the same email I just got from @hawaiipartii?

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@IGGPPCHQ @lapetitelydia Don't listen to @tallyhall! You may become consumed by their music/art and make a fan site for them 9 years ago!

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cdigames Anyone that says Ruler Of Everything by @tallyhall ( any version ) isn't damn near perfect. Is a liar. A bad liar at that.

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Happy 6th to me, the HITS Twitter account! View/search my entire archive here: bit.ly/aitPFG

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SamuelHeersink @Snailed_It_Bro @hiddeninthesand ミラクルミュージカル is 95.2% obscure

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Snailed_It_Bro Tally Hall is 74.8% obscure according to actual charts.

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horseriderharry wait. has shia's entire life the past few years been a performance art piece based off of actual cannibal shia labeouf

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henryhumeIV THAT IS MINE! GIVE IT BACK, CREEP!!! RT @Shadolith: Of all the things @tallyhall could have sent me....... bit.ly/1k2C05R

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Happy 30th Birthday, . Here's Joe Hawley (@wHaleJoey) beating the CRAAAPP out of you: youtube.com/watch?v=EA5czX…

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@Matsuiforever Better late than never! Welcome to the party. :)

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Matsuiforever I am very late to the game, but @tallyhall and @robcantor make fantastic music. It is all I have listened to all week. Join my obsession!

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hawaiipartii [seizure warning]: hawaiipartii.com

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I found a Tally Hall "Heart-Attack" T-shirt with girl... — First of all, I was disturbed to find that I didn't h... ask.fm/a/aolqedaj

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ilunn6 Here is a review of @robcantor's first solo album I just wrote. yall should give it a look thecelebritycafe.com/reviews/2014/0…

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Uh oh. Oh snap!! RT @adhorowi: filming complicated music video! w @robcantor instagram.com/p/o1Z_88t4Qd/

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NFAnna If you haven't listened to @adhorowi's edu stuff yet, u can f*ck right off because it's so damn good

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WidgetsWorkshop I Was going to say something about redundancy, decimals, & Apple’s new OSX 10.10, but Ive been listening to Hawaii: Part II: Part ii all day

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