February 2014

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Sorry for the barrage of sounds added to SoundCloud. I'm updating the blogs from using podpress player to SoundCloud because it sucks.

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My new sounds: Tally Hall f. Nellie McKay - Light and Night (Sample) soundcloud.com/hiddeninthesan… on

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TreeTownSound Amazing article by @jennmckee about @adhorowi of @tallyhall's contributions to @johnlegend's new CD mlive.com/entertainment/…

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HITS Blogs: Andrew Horowitz Talks John Legend and Tally Hall Updates goo.gl/fb/Gn1ca

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Sorry, David Byrne, but you are no @tallyhall. :) "David Byrne Does Biz Markie’s 'Just a Friend' as Only He Can” slate.me/MuH6hC

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evannork Fan art for @tallyhall! pic.twitter.com/jydyG9A9YF

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Only Rob, but yeah. RT @thesneakybandit: Here's my song of the day/week/month/year. Tally Hall covering Weezer. Yeah. bit.ly/1fdX4cX

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Go on, play the theremin. Just like @tallyhall. (well, sort of) bit.ly/1oAqmoB

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ToomuchHaley4u People underestimate @arzE and @tallyhall 's rapping skills

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So, Rob might actually try to go see Shia Labeouf and watch him cry. Maybe sing to him, too. :) pic.twitter.com/wrHjIxu60J

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YES!!! RT @ItsJackMace: Wouldn't it be the best thing if @robcantor went to this LaBeouf art exhibition and started singing "Shia LaBeouf"?

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The song, I mean.

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Srsly guise, it’s gonna come true any day now. thebea.st/1ep7Pm8

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laBORAtoryaudio I thought this was hilarious and still don't know how they secretly planned the outburst vine.co/v/MWx1bItwbqX

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@jessicalynnrand Good, good. Now go listen to Hawaii: Part II. :)

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Allow me to remind you of your mental note. RT @jessicalynnrand: makes mental note to listen to tally hall again soon

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audramooncoffee Oh no, @robcantor WAS RIGHT. people.com/people/article…

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Happy anniversary! RT @LucasVogler: It's been a year since I became a fan of Tally Hall... awesome!

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@strikekitty That’s cuz it’s called “The Mind Electric” and it’s not by Tally Hall. It’s by ミラクルミュージカル — and it’s on Spotify. :)

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Gee_Eff_Dee the daft punk fandom is nice but what about tally hall

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.@twitchy_woman I, um... Hmm. For brief moments in the past, my brain tried to connect Cantor to Cantour, but this is an angle I never saw!

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twitchy_woman @hiddeninthesand Shia's plagiarized film is Howard Cantour.com, Robert HOWARD CANTOR wrote that song AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES

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uShouldListen2 Both of @tallyhall's studio albums, for sure.

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