January 2014

Also, happy birthday to Christian Bale. Should we go to HIS party? bit.ly/1ffaPDZ (p.s. Rob is working on new music!)

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@lex1cal After further investigation, I think we’ll be pleased with what 2014 has in store for us.

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Happy birthday, Ross Federman (aka @_MR_F_ )!!!

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@lex1cal hmm! Nope. Haven't heard anything yet. Thanks for the heads up!

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adhorowi celebrating my first grammy loss. woohoo!

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Remember, you’re rooting for John Legend at the Grammys tonight for Best R&B Album. @adhorowi is a songwriter on it! pic.twitter.com/X9tPbE1Phv

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TheDillonMurray I just realized, after ten years if avid listening, the awesome talent that @tallyhall is. Before just now it was great music, now... Woah.

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sarah_skolka Why is Mucka Blucka Tally Hall's most famous song? they have other music that's actually good

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FlakeJay thank you for reminding me it's okay to like tally hall, google play music. :3

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TheDillonMurray If you haven't listened to @hawaiipartii, what the h*ck are you even doing?

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robcantor LITERALLY the nicest thing Rob Lowe has ever tweeted about me. “@RobLowe: This song is absolute genius. Enjoy. m.soundcloud.com/rob-cantor/shi…

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cojumdip The self-titled explosion, out for your enjoyment. With two new outer space opuses. cojumdip.bandcamp.com/album/cojum-dip

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Rachelmrow @hankgreen @realjohngreen Is there any way you could get Tally Hall to come VidCon? Because that would be amazing.

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_MR_F_ @TreeTownSound song: INTRO to the snow, ALBUM (not band) is hawaiipartii

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YourKhaleesi It's -30 celcius degrees outside my window, and I don't even feel like complaining! I think i'm in a good mood today.

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djperry1973 @pb14 my notion of genius is now "Rob Cantor"

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Ross “@_MR_F_” Federman has put his Mix Tape #3 up for download. That’s 1 hr 5 mins of FREE mashup fun! bit.ly/1erhN8U

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Happy New Year, fans and friends. Let us hope 2014 brings us something new from our boys in @tallyhall.

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