September 2013

In case you missed it: @tallyhall's "&" music video finally gets made, by HSRT and Fans Like You

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HITS Blogs: The “&” Music Video, by HSRT and Fans Like You

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I'm over 13k plays late on this, but @robcantor's "Shia Labeouf" has reached 2 million plays on SoundCloud alone.…

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wilhelm_janelle Singing along to Tally Hall is a good way to wake up.

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whatahowler Looking for musical acts with same names as MLS players. For example, this is a band call Tally Hall. Anyone else?

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DISCOUNTED @tallyhall SHIRTS!!! GET 'EM NOW cuz I don't think you'll ever see these again after they sell out.

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Happy birthday, Joseph Robert @wHaleJoey Hawley!

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@Banandervilt Yes. Your mother and I are very proud, honey.

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Better late than never! RT @uhhnia: i just discovered tally hall wowwwww

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Liams_Batwoman If you've never listened to Shia Labeouf by Rob Cantor do it. I'm walking down the aisle to it at my wedding.

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Good. Don't not listen to Tally Hall. RT @hiimericka: When am I not listening to Tally Hall? Never. I'm never not listening to Tally Hall.

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hiimericka When am I not listening to Tally Hall? Never. I'm never not listening to Tally Hall.

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Happy birthday, Zoo, Been Said "Gee!"

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Works every time. RT @HelloYddam: i'm just going to listen to tally hall all night so i don't ruin my night

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Fiona Apple took a cue from @tallyhall and also covered "Pure Imagination". Aw heck, I don't care. This is gorgeous.

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Nitesh_Arora Send this to all your friends to prove your sanity. ♫ Mucka Blucka (Bonus Track) – Tally Hall

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PaulsGroovyTwit We think we're playing in a band? You either are or you aren't. Get it together, tally hall

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imvdb Today on Music Video Relapse we're watching "Good Day" by @tallyhall, a video with many, many band setups.…

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except for that one time...

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It's a question that's baffled thousands of fans for years. "Why's @tallyhall not super popular?" The answer's simple. They never got naked.

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adhorowi ummmmmm.... playing at Pete's candy store in bk on Thursday, 11pm. announcement coming next week.

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shoonceratops "what is your favorite tally hall/edu/hawaii part ii song"

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Joshface5000 Dream: @tallyhall had secretly released a new album called "Breaking Dad".

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lhbizness No, you don't understand. There is a song about Shia LaBeouf.…

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cozbaldwin For the first time ever, I actually met another fan of @tallyhall because of some merch I was sporting (a shirt, in this case)!

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drewmo Left-handed portrait of Stanley Kubrick (not Salman Rushdie, whoops) by @wHaleJoey

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merknerbs Forever sad that @robcantor created a phrase that has become a permanent part of Tumblr jargon and yet @tallyhall is still so obscure

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laBORAtoryaudio Are we rolling? @robcantor

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DaveTozer Big thanks to @nanakwabena @TheMarkWilliams @adhorowi and @jagelbeast - a great team that worked hard to make

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The @hawaiipartii twitter urges you to click in the dark areas of the site. Spoiler, it leads you to

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mroahrig If you’re a fan of Tally Hall, there’s a very good chance that we’re best friends.

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