August 2013

Ambisagrus if i had less self control i'd just tweet tally hall lyrics all the time

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Seems @robcantor's Shia Labeouf is experiencing a mini resurgence over the last couple days. Check it out:

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peeps: I got an extra ticket for SOLD OUT @lauramarlinghq tonight at @PrinceMusicThea. Row F. Selling at $20 face value!

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And yet, it IS a hoax. RT @Gistrg: wwwwow you guys this is excITING!!! :)) ((NOT A HOAX!!!!!!!!!! lol))!!

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You bring GREAT SHAME upon this family! RT @arisucartalet: i still haven't listened to hawaii part ii and that's my greatest shame of all

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Any other @tallyhall fans out there who watch get reminded of @adhorowi whenever @TaylorComedy is on stage? Or is it just me?

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mshannahjohnson Shia Labeouf by Rob Cantor:
One year later, and this song is still just as beautiful and touching.… on

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imloviniam the first band I ever was Obsessed with was the happy monster band

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@Savay You've been phished, dear.

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NFAnna To this day, Tally Hall are the Internet's most precious resource

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This is awesome! Why have I not known it existed before this moment? "Lurking in the Shadows : Shia Labeouf dance"

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HAPPY B-DAY TO THE @robcantor! Is Rob a more underrated guitarist or rapper? Before you answer, remember this:

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It's always good to revisit this. -- @tallyhall, @hearSPEAKhere and @caseyshea perform "Because"

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True! But only in terms of singing & songwriting & tetris. RT @themacpodz: @tallyhall > @tallyhallGK

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stephosuli Two years ago... the last Tally Hall show... EVER! *uncontrollable sobbing*…

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Arbmanthesheep I just wish that @tallyhall would tell us that a third album is in the works. That would really make my day/life.

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dawnanoble Tally Hall makes good bath time music.

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AWoodenPalisade my sister replaced the track "cannibal" on tally hall's good & evil with rob cantor's "shia labeouf" when i wasn't looking

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noelnocciolo New, unreleased mashup from @_MR_F_ will be dropped tomorrow 8/19 7pm @TorqueCycling BK!! Sign up:

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Gistrg My In Depth Reveiw of Joe Hawley's Album, Hawaii Part II: via @YouTube

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@graynjah Was it a Sheraton? I heard The Trap in a Sheraton not long ago.

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JasonPStarling It's Friday, y'all. Kick it off right.
Tally Hall - Banana Man:

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caseyshea Filling in with Tally Hall at Bowery Ballroom back in 2010...this was the acoustic set played on the…

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cmld What ever happened to @tallyhall ??

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jbjohnnybeirne @tallyhall can you guys come back? I'm really sad without you!

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Can we still get the postcard for Hawaii:Part ii? — Hm. Well, the link to it appears to no longer be valid. So...


robcantor Congrats to Tally Hall, infusion nurse in Houma!…

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miss_kitty There is absolutely no way to be in a bad mood while listening to Mucka Blucka by @tallyhall

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More good news for Tally Hall.

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hiimericka I wanna kiss all of Tally Hall on the mouth it's not even FUNNY like you can't sing like that I have EARS ya know

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via @vulture "Perhaps the only notable upgrade over the original is @tallyhall’s 'Smile Like You Mean It'..."

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mirndoggg Listening to @tallyhall always puts me in a great mood

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Looking for something to watch tonight? Have you ever seen the ep of @ModernMarvels with @MarvinsMuseum? at 38:30

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HITS Blogs: Music Video For Hawaii: Part II’s “Stranded Lullaby”

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Music Video For @hawaiipartii’s “Stranded Lullaby”

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SpringandStorms tally hall was and still is a wonderful band

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