May 2013

merknerbs I just relaized @wHaleJoey's twitter username is an anagram

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@ChelseaSchwandt Well, not back either. The article should explain it.

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@KierstenMariee @Evan_Raz All you want to know is on this site. This page tells about what they've been up to:

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KierstenMariee So did anyone ever use to listen to tally hall?????

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Thanks to @oliverghingold, you can see what you should expect to get when you order a postcard from Hawaii: Part II!

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Joshface5000 Do you like how I walk?
Do you like how I talk?
Do you like how my f a C E D I S I N T E R G R A T E S I N T O C H A L K ?

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...and so should you!!

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For those who missed out on their chance to own "Variations on a Cloud", get it now, with a handwritten message!

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There's still time! RT @CharlieRTC: Tally Hall should have been one of the biggest bands in the world.

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Part 2 of the in-depth songwriting analysis of '&' vs 'You & Me', via @wemusicmakers

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PaulMatula Thought: The new Vampire Weekend album is just Ivy-league Tally Hall. Fortunately, I like both bands and that's no a bad thing.

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@jessicalynnrand Follow me & youll never have 2 ask that question again. In the meantime, listen to for ur answr.

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RedN0vember Tally Hall is totally underrated and I am so glad I thought to listen to them tonight. "Haiku" is adorably genius.

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ErinReptar Dreamt that I got to hang out with @tallyhall all day. 1st time in a long time I was genuinely sad that a dream wasn't real. Forever a fan.

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DJ_Bean This is my favorite thing I've read. Let's all talk about how great great songs are (via @hiddeninthesand)…

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wemusicmakers In-depth songwriting analysis: "&" by Tally Hall

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hey_ezra every morning i wake up with "the bidding" by tally hall stuck in my head wth

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Looks like recently got a new look! Thanks to jameswcoleman on Tumblr for the heads up on this news.

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McFlyCasual Our drummer graduated UofM with a 4.0 and was accepted to Yale's immunology grad program.

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It was only a year ago! RT @tomlinfag: if you remember this you're a true tumblr kid…

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What happened to Tally Hall? Did they break up? — Congrats, you spawned a new FAQ!