April 2013

@AndrewWK @Charizardi @stephosuli - Andrew, us fans of @tallyhall are very aware! "PartyBoobytrap" is the name of an old EP of theirs!

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What do you think? Was this CLUCK bit on @jimmyfallon's show inspired by @tallyhall? I say yes. hulu.com/watch/483839

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ChyeaahBrah We were playing in the sand, and you found a little band
You told me you fell in love with it, hadnt gone as i planned

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What a good day you're having! RT @lmednis: good day by @Jukeboxtheghost came on right after good day by @tallyhall

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laBORAtoryaudio Horowitz poke vine.co/v/bUU2E1nwJPJ

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Stay safe, my Boston family. Hope everyone is ok.

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Re-live the history of the Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf meme here: knowyourmeme.com/memes/actual-c…

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On this date in the year Last Year, Shia Labeouf by @robcantor began to go VIRAL. ow.ly/kbCzr

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vasileoapproval Just realized "Turn the Lights Off" by Tally Hall is kinda an indie rock version of Metallica's "Until It Sleeps."

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JHeckaman Photo: Just another evening with an 8 year old Tally Hall fan (in progress) tmblr.co/Z7BwpxinVbW6

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This is not the first time @tallyhall's Honk War did this. It happened back on October 9th 2011, too. ow.ly/k3cpu

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Honk War by @tallyhall has been seen on the front page and page 2 of @reddit since last night. ow.ly/k3cjs

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Tally Hall T.H.ROWBACK T.H.URSDAY! ow.ly/jXXfN

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It is. And it won't be easy to kick, so ENJOY! RT @trompwner: Listening to "Cannibal" by Tally Hall. This may be an obsession growing.

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Here's the Soup Awards clip, for those who couldn't see the other link I posted. facebook.com/photo.php?v=10…

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AlexPopichak @hiddeninthesand ..."@YouTube: Sending a birthday shout out to hip-hop pioneer, Biz Markie. goo.gl/kMG2Q"

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In episode 10 of the internet show, more specifically... — The moment in question occurs at 8:29 during: http://... ask.fm/a/3d7b02hk

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What's the first question you would like to answer? — I was really hoping for "how many gargoyles is enough garg... ask.fm/a/3d57386o

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Since Formspring is going dead, HITS now has an account on Ask.fm! It's the same thing! Check it out: ask.fm/hiddeninthesand

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In fact, it was the other way around! :) RT @dawildfrontier: very sad to find out that @tallyhall did not name their band after @tallyhallGK

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OK, I guess the URL is being censored...? Here's where you can see @tallyhall win an award on The Soup awards! facebook.com/hiddeninthesan…

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Jakoosh @tallyhall My new favorite song for the time being. youtube.com/watch?v=5FywzU… Thanks @TheSoup

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@TheSoup If you remember, please send me a tweet when the clip of @tallyhall & Mucka Blucka goes online so I can let all the TH fans know.

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YouriPhx Thanks to @joelmchale and @TheSoup for making forever stuck in my head youtube.com/watch?v=fjkXXj…

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So glad @TheSoup knew the band was @tallyhall this time around - and said their name! Can't wait to see the clip.

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TheSoup .@aleenaseddon it is. Tally Hall - Mucka Blucka. Play it non-stop.

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Apparently Tally Hall was just mentioned on The Soup again during their Soup Awards show tonight. I'll let you know when video surfaces.

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FinnyQuac You know one of those songs that taps into the universal life force and blasts it into your ears? (Tally Hall - Spring and a Storm)

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TreeTownSound I am very excited to see @CHARLENEKAYE tonight @BlindPigAA! Rumor has it @_MR_F_ of @tallyhall is coming too.

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Uh huh. ;) RT @danicamckellar: So... today everybody goes back to being completely honest all the time, right?

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@devinobearclaw I have high hopes. But if it happens, it could still be awhile.

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My bad. RT @devinobearclaw: @hiddeninthesand 😓 YOU GAVE US ALL HOPE AND THEN TOOK IT AWAY FROM US

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Cozzy only tortures you because he loves you. youtube.com/watch?v=SSKv1n…

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vasileoapproval S/O to me for being an idiot and believing Tally Hall was actually playing at Lollapalooza...

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vasileoapproval Tally Hall, Mumford & Sons, Nine Inch Nails, Imagine Dragons, The Lumineers...I wish I was going to Lollapalooza.

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.@tallyhall shows up on official Lollapalooza lineup announced today. WHAT! ow.ly/jDtYq

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