March 5th, 2013

They are Good AND Awful And Good And Evil. RT @anyatye: It's been like a year and I still can't figure out if Tally Hall are good or awful?

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@Schrockwell yep. Not sure how you missed it. It was the bonus song with preorder of

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SmashThSilence It feels good to have @tallyhall merch on my bank statement.

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From Quack!Media: "There's a bunch of random @tallyhall merch now available in our web store!"

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I am the sun and the moon and the stars. As are you. You're a star. Yes, you are. All you see and you and me.

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I AM EVERYWHERE. RT @devinobearclaw: @hiddeninthesand retweeted me lol how did he even find that tweet about rob cantor

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devinobearclaw Saw a girl on the bus whose phone background was a pic of actual cannibal Shia labeof and wanted to shout "rob cantor swag"

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