March 2013

Obviously @tallyhall needs to win this contest on YouTube. They've done so much, though. What video will win?

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lindseyweber HELL YEAH new John Legend ft. Rick Ross with production work from the OTHER Horowitz @adhorowi bravo

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Not a bad cover of Be Born! Nice harmony arrangements in particular.

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LetsBeSapid Tally Hall + Buddhist teachings = Nirvana

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Also celebrating a birthday today is @twitter! Happy ! So here's a G+ interview with Tally Hall. sorta.

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Today is Quack!Media Head Honcho Al McWilliams' birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AL!

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hearSPEAKhere Dad just found my high school CD binder. Jamming @tallyhall at age 17. Life is surreal.

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@audramooncoffee I have been trying - to cover Haiku - for you - all night - Well I tried at least, and that's not so bad, I'm working here

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Andrew's contributions to the new @johnlegend album include "odds & ends" including instrumentation and sound design.

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And @adhorowi was somehow involved(?) -- RT @ingridmusic: Winter song is sampled in a new, beautiful song by @johnlegend.

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TheSawickipedia @Tsmith7580 and I are making costumes for our audition tonight. @robcantor

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MarvinsMuseum Marvin is celebrating a milestone birthday this Friday... 75 MARVELOUS YEARS! We want to make it extra special...

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It's Marvin's 75th birthday Friday! Without him, there'd be no such thing as a band called @tallyhall. Go thank him!

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MaryDan Hawaii part II is a beautiful album and if you've been putting it off like I did, stop and give it a listen!!!

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Aww, looks like Formspring (the question & answer site) will be shutting down, so there goes that part of HITS.

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NOT EVEN CLOSE! RT @pizzatarian: I'm sad because I think I'm the only person on Earth who listens to Tally Hall. ?

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Joshface5000 I never noticed before, but Labyrinth from Hawaii: Part II has a verse that rhymes using the word 'Purple'. THIS ALBUM NEVER CEASES TO AMAZE

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Congratulations to Ross! And to Yale! RT @_MR_F_: !!! Offered Gruber Fellowship to go to Yale!!!

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HITS Blogs: HITS 3.0 is Officially Launched

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@gannabel @jadeybeans I'd be down for that, too…. fwiw.

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They are Good AND Awful And Good And Evil. RT @anyatye: It's been like a year and I still can't figure out if Tally Hall are good or awful?

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@Schrockwell yep. Not sure how you missed it. It was the bonus song with preorder of

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SmashThSilence It feels good to have @tallyhall merch on my bank statement.

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From Quack!Media: "There's a bunch of random @tallyhall merch now available in our web store!"

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I am the sun and the moon and the stars. As are you. You're a star. Yes, you are. All you see and you and me.

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I AM EVERYWHERE. RT @devinobearclaw: @hiddeninthesand retweeted me lol how did he even find that tweet about rob cantor

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devinobearclaw Saw a girl on the bus whose phone background was a pic of actual cannibal Shia labeof and wanted to shout "rob cantor swag"

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vasileoapproval Guys, @hiddeninthesand retweeted me! This is a big deal.

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vasileoapproval First song on shuffle: Bad Day by Daniel Powter. Second song on shuffle: Good Day by Tally Hall. My iPod's bipolar.

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CallMe_tmoney Tally Hall's cover of Just Friend has to be my favorite of all time.

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@JoelCieslak Oops. hahaha I didn't even click on it, I thought it was a link to the Murders video you put up.

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@JoelCieslak Personally uncomf. w/ sharing things that may prevent $ from getting into the pockets of Hawley & Co. but rcgnze advntgs too.

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