November 2012

12 Days, 11 Hours, 5 minutes

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@devinobearclaw @GigaDan Yep. Info on it is null, but since Joe & Rob sing on the free song, that's promising.

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@devinobearclaw @GigaDan they have gone their separate ways but they could come back together. Hawaii Part 2 might be a taste of that.

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This day is almost over but we would like to wish a happy birthday to Black Tie, @caseyshea!

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@GigaDan They never announced anything one way or another. My prediction is it's a hiatus, for probably at least a cpl years.

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@GigaDan @devinobearclaw Whether they'll ever be back or not, we can still miss them now.

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@ryan_nellis She never accepted my friend request. Whatever. She's a bitch anyway.

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devinobearclaw Do you ever just quietly sob to yourself because you miss tally hall

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Just a reminder... Joe's twitter is a dream journal.

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wHaleJoey I discovered an old Internet Show scene I had cut in which Tally Hall fakes its death with the help of a nifty homespun special effect

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@FlynntEastwood awwwwww I wondered if anyone would notice.

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Excitement 'round the world! RT @hearSPEAKhere: @hiddeninthesand working on album 2.0!

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True dat. RT @JordINSANITY: @hiddeninthesand just waiting anxiously for some musical miracle action

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I'm working on HITS 3.0. What are you doing?

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Happy T.H.anksgiving, everyone!!!

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Dagenator I finally found that wacky song I heard on Episode One of Season Four of "The Good Wife"! It's called "Mucka Blucka" by Tally Hall.

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rfazz15 Now that I think about it, I can't make sense of the fact that there isn't a musical based on Tally Hall songs...

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How to never miss a HITS update on Facebook ever again:…

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