October 2012

Happy Talloween! Shut the closet, get under the covers, snakes and lovers, TURN THE LIGHTS OFF. youtube.com/watch?v=dLrdSC…

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Thank you. Pass it forward. RT @KarstenTreu: @hiddeninthesand Halloween. Have a happy one. bit.ly/S458gf

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Here is the audio of @theroots playing @tallyhall's Mucka Blucka! bit.ly/PbIsxw

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SmashThSilence And thus @tallyhall monitors entered into the "Mucka Blucka" age of the world.

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And then THIS happened...
(thanks @questlove) pic.twitter.com/rwPSne50

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Skip to 20:45 (the start of the 2nd segment) to hear as they play it for Julianna Margulies' entrance.

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CHARLENEKAYE Hey @tallyhall fans, recognize the drummer in my new music video? youtube.com/watch?v=dXM6Vi…

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Read my response to "I just preordered Hawaii: Part II. How and when will I receive both the album/musical and the s…": 4ms.me/Rqpqk1

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Happy birthday, Edu Horowitz (@adhorowi)!

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GigaDan My girlfriend are I were made for eachother. @tallyhall @hiddeninthesand pic.twitter.com/Ws5uwdex

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The greatest transition in TV history was created by the greatest band in history, @tallyhall

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SPOILER!!! "THE GREATEST TRANSITION IN T.V. HISTORY!" - @joelmchale @TheSoup @tallyhall thesoup.tv/RdOE5F

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bowmanisgod Tally Hall's biggest legacies are now Banana Man, Mucka Blucka, and a solo project implicating Shia LaBeouf as a cannibal.

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You can hear @tallyhall's chicken rap song MUCKA BLUCKA on @TheGoodWife_CBS in two places. 2:53-3:22, 20:00-20:30 bit.ly/P5OSiI

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@GigaDan Mucka Blucka - announced that earlier.

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@ajbollman interesting. thanks. hopefully will see it on internet soon.

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