September 2012

@ajbollman interesting. were they singing along? Or, what was the context?

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so what happened?? I missed it. How'd the incorporate the song?

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I thought if we learned what song is playing, it might decrease the need-to-watch factor, but knowing it's Mucka Blucka only increased it.

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_MR_F_ Tune in to the season premier of "The Good Wife" tonight and hear me rap as if were a thug chicken. I kid you not... Bkaw

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Siri, find me edu's (@adhorowi's) Lemons & Pears in 8-bit…

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robcantor prepare for a deep cut. “@hiddeninthesand: Tally Hall says in their latest email: "...tune in to The Good Wife on CBS September 30th."”

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Tally Hall says in their latest email: "...tune in to the season premiere of The Good Wife on CBS September 30th."

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ATTN @tallyhall fans! A message from Rick Lax:…

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KekipiChaotic I will always think the cover of Smile Like You Mean It done by Tally Hall (originally by The Killers) is just fantastic

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Dear @sedghizu, It's your birthday. We hope it's a happy one. Love, The Internet.

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So what are your thoughts on the new song from Hawaii: Part II?

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Don't miss this article: What is Hawaii: Part II?

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@GigaDan Probably not a TH album -- but there is a chance it is, I guess.

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HITS Blogs: Interview With Edu (AKA Andrew Horowitz)

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@SandraPeck42 if you have to ask, I'm obviously not doing a good job....

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No, no. You're all going to have to wait. Sleep tight, kiddies. Tomorrow morning will bring you gifts.

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There's something else you're all going to want to see... but I don't want to overwhelm you, so I'll wait until tomorrow.

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Hey @tallyhall fans, you're gonna want to see this...

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Read my response to "If someone were to make a movie about Tally Hall, who would you choose to play them?":


robcantor My cover of Weezer's "Why Bother?" is available today as a free download! The album comes out 9/8.…

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