July 2012

debashismaz The ominous DJ glow of @_MR_F_ accompanied by Bernie J Michael aka MC Yellow Hat pic.twitter.com/mkcwIf4N

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Our cups are overfloweth with awesomeness from Rob today.

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Engine Room Recordings Presents… @robcantor covering "Why Bother?" from @Weezer's Pinkerton. bit.ly/M9Sjit

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After resurrecting the career of Shia Labeouf with "Actual Cannibal", @robcantor tries the same for Christian Bale bit.ly/Mszt6U

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robcantor In honor of The Dark Knight Rises, I wrote this song about Christian Bale: youtube.com/watch?v=A8oIDv…

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@JasonCKnoell For the biggest fan, you sure have been making a big mistake not following me! ;D

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You need new friends. Hi! RT @_sarrrbearrr: I dont know anyone else to listens to Tally Hall besides my brother and I. Why? Theyre so good.

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ooooOOOoooh... RT @adhorowi: feature-length film score: underway.

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