June 2012

LolaGeek @hiddeninthesand I like it! Can you make one that I could hang up at work, because I'm not sure "mucka blucka" is office appropriate.

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KEEP CALM and MUCKA BLUCKA pic.twitter.com/q1hU3jji

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@robcantor @sedghizu looks like David Spayde's character in Tommy Boy when his hairpiece gets loose.

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@TheAmazingZack They sure as fork do! starz.bz/tallyhall/

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Due to outdated theme that's got no good spambot defense, HITS Forums has a new look. Not ideal, but it'll do. bit.ly/LgLaL8

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P.S. Happy belated 1st Birthday, Good & Evil!

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tessaml Fate of the Stars by Tally Hall playing while Amber cries in rehab. Most hilarious part of my day. Or my dad concert calling me at Korn.

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MTVsoundtrack You Heard "Fate of the Stars" by @tallyhall on @MTV's @teenmom_mtv go to soundtrack.mtv.com for a FREE MP3

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Whew, lotta Teen Mom haters out there, huh! :-)

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KarstenTreu @hiddeninthesand @tallyhall It's a battle between my personal dignity and my love for TH with this one. Teen Mom? Woof.

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Music from @tallyhall to appear on tonight's episode of Teen Mom on MTV? It's apparently true! Don't miss it!

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@notans That's weird. It's a stock script in the software, but I now disabled it because, yeah, it wasn't displaying. Sorry.

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For those who've never heard @tallyhall's brilliant, old "Time Machine", it's been uploaded to @YouTube bit.ly/Kn6TqH

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@notans UGH! Thanks. It's been happening every few weekends. CANT FIND WHERE THE HOLE IS!!!thatswhathesaid

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adhorowi arranging sumthin awesome. new edu material coming soon.

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