April 2012

O HAI, biggest day ever on HITS. Thanks, @robcantor and Shia LaBeouf.

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Interview with edu, coming soon...

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robcantor My Shia LaBeouf song is now available for download! If you'd like to put $1.00 directly in my pocket, click here: robcantor.com/shia.html

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_wqr_wa The Shia Labeouf song is reigniting my love for Tally Hall

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Happy minute-late birthday to @drewmo, director of "Turn The Lights Off" (amongst other things).

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Someone put @robcantor's "Shia Labeouf" on YouTube. But it wasn't Rob. Or me. The song still rocks though. bit.ly/JA07fc

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ORLY! RT @adhorowi: in the studio recording a tune I penned w @robcantor. to be shared very soon.....

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@RockinSk8in You don't have to keep checking, they won't be carrying any TH albumbs. Gotta get 'em digitally or from Quack.

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robinchan33 @hiddeninthesand Not sure if this would interest anyone but I'm writing a story based on "Inside the Mind of Simon." insidethemindofsimon.tumblr.com

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RT @cozbaldwin: Dear Twitter, Shia Labeouf is NOT dead. But he has been outed as a cannibal. See: bit.ly/I8jq9Q

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@SeeYouTMorra wow! 998! HITS only has 94. I think cuz Rob had it private at first, I couldnt embed the song when I first tumbl'd it.

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Rob's song about Shia Labeouf is approaching 14,000 plays within 36 hours. That's like an average of 9500 per hour! bit.ly/Ji0rPM

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robinchan33 @hiddeninthesand @robcantor Waiting to strike... Shia LaBeouf. you-and-me-divine.tumblr.com/post/213948985…

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Upvote the hell out of this, won't you? (@robcantor of @tallyhall's Shia Labeouf song) bit.ly/IOVW9s

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Yes!! "@robcantor: I'm excited that my Shia LaBeouf song is on the front page of @BoingBoing right now! boingboing.net/2012/04/18/a-s…"

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DJ_Bean If you listen to the song I just tweeted, you'll think, "Who is this Rob Cantor guy?" Then you'll start listening to Tally Hall. Win-win-win

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Here's a Reddit link if you wanna upvote popularity of Shia Labeouf (the song): reddit.com/tb/sg54v

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robcantor @hiddeninthesand you found me out!!

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LolaGeek @hiddeninthesand I want Shia Labeouf to go viral! soundcloud.com/rob-cantor/shi…

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Oh, @robcantor... you've been holding out on us, sir! robcantor.com

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adhorowi tune in NOW to hear a track from my album and some tracks you surely haven't heard. great weekly radio show... wcrfm.com/cmsms/listenli…

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troubadoursmith If you haven't recently, do yourself a favor, and set aside some time soon to sit under a tree and listen to Tally Hall.

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HELP SAVE COZ! He's 3 weeks away from going broke and needs a job! on.fb.me/Hpvt5G

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Happy B-day April! RT @aprilsmithmusic Today is my birthday and 4 is my lucky number...so please RT and help me get to 4K followers!

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In case you haven't seen what Bora's done with the arrested Bohemian Rhapsody guy, you need to watch it now: youtu.be/RWPdRBCL71U

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mania_moonrise okay. Tally Hall is possibly my new favorite band. yep.

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Fun Fact: Zubin's real name is Mike.


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Read my response to "Do you think there's any chance they'd release a B-sides EP from Good & Evil4ms.me/H7eF5risyF

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