February 2012

adhorowi in 15 minutes....at 12am....gonna play a couple unreleased tracks from my album...http://turntable.fm/edu

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raven_zoe (6/50) "Hidden In The Sand" - Tally Hall (cover) | Raven Zoë: youtu.be/FpcB6KVnnCM

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@adhorowi Filming a video for Miss Melody, I see...?

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Tally Hall VS Steriogram- Walkie Talkie Wuv: youtu.be/2CuLER1sh1A via @YouTube

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DavEdwTho Good Day by Tally Hall is better than your favorite song.

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@samlars Oh, I know. I get them all the time. Thanks for following up, though. That's not commonly done. I cant DM back so you get this.

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Have you seen @OurNameIsFun's new video? Did you realize that's @_MR_F_'s at :33! bit.ly/Al8rSp

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8 months can feel like an eternity sometimes... "I want a new Tally Hall album." -@PGrimstown

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@adhorowi As they say: No news is good news!

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TheDillonMurray Attention parental advisor: @tallyhall will be listened to at full volume. Always. That is all.

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TheMuseBox The MuseBox office is loving @caseyshea's newest video right now - courtesy of @RelixMag relix.com/video/artist-e…

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OusmaneMariko When the shitty wifi network gets in the way of listening to Tally Hall, this is when I start flipping tables. Sorry, Starbucks.

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Awesome watercolor watercolor video for Spring & A Styoutu.be/M21pLftNoyEHRSk

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Oh, wait....... RT @Skrail7 Tally hall!!! instagr.am/p/nqYbi/

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christarower I just feel the need to, once again, express my love for @tallyhall. I just can't get over these guys.

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. @feliciaday Lots of people are pointing you in the direction of @tallyhall as a band to check out. So are we.

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BigRhonda_ No. Tally Hall is my boyfriend.

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BigRhonda_ Tally Hall is my bestfriend.

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adhorowi and here it is..."nowhere else." co-produced by @ryanbrady. enjoy. facebook.com/pages/edu/1527…

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