January 2012

@adhorowi The first one was a ballad. Better make it classic rock. :)

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Secret Ross video present. You should participate. Deadline Monday. Don't tell Ross. bit.ly/wYl9wH

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robinchan33 @hiddeninthesand Can you spread the word that I'm changing the submission deadline for the birthday vid to 12 AM CST on Monday?

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adhorowi i can only hope u'll get the same feelings from my upcoming cassette tape that I do creating it. almost done.

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aprilsmithmusic RT ONE TREE HILL fans, keep your ears peeled for "Colors" in TONIGHT'S episode on the @ 8 PM EST & let me know if you spot #OTH

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Matt_Simko Tally Hall is so good why did I never listen to them before?!

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padgettish Oh, so, Tally Hall was the huge musical void that's been in my life for the past 3 months.

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How to Pronounce Joe Hawley Atlanta Falcons NFL Football Touchdown TD Ta...: youtu.be/2mgMZoYtpHM via @YouTube cc: @wHaleJoey

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MarvinsMuseum Tally Hall is one of our favorite bands, and not just because they titled their first album Marvin's Marvelous... fb.me/16qiPb6sc

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Thanks... yes, I am. RT @TaylerMcGuire_Hidden in the sand. So cute. And quite relaxing.

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robinchan33 @hiddeninthesand Could you pass along the word to folks? Except for Mr. F, of course. bgaw-mucka-blucka.tumblr.com/post/163047608…

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Read my response to "Wait, so, is Andrew's cassette tape out now? Will it mail to us in all its glory now, since it'…": 4ms.me/zpW0Xk

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The impossible question!!! RT @KarstenTreu If you had to pick one song to play to sell someone on Tally Hall, which song would you pick?

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JustTheMailMan "Mr. Moon, tell us about the sky." Finally listening to Tally Hall. Glad I made this decision.

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adhorowi @reddit THIS MAN: jim.urie@umusic.com is soliciting support FOR SOPA. take a minute to email and educate him.

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I did not make this. YOU did. RT @Steamlord313 @hiddeninthesand made this dl.dropbox.com/u/3735981/Rais…

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Kaydee026 Check out the interview with singer and keyboardist Andrew Horowitz of @tallyhall on musicreviewsandinterviews.blogspot.com/2011/12/tally-…

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