December 2011

Have a happy and SAFE new year celebration, everyone! See you next year!

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tacgnol_ I'm developing an obsession with @tallyhall. Can't stop, won't stop.

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Pat_DeCola @wHaleJoey "wHaleJoey". Anagram. Just got it. Brilliant.

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Still waiting to catch the Lowes commercial with @aprilsmithmusic's "Colors" in it. Very happy for April. Still not happy with Lowes, tho.

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AnnaMuhich I hum a Tally Hall song. ''Isn't that the meat dress lady?''

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MERRY XMAS! Good & Evil@tallyhallHall is available for $5 on Amazon (MP3…MUzS - Gift it to all your loved ones!

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travismaynard @tallyhall @hiddeninthesand Just gifted a bunch of copies of Good & Evil to my friends & co-workers. Now, THAT is a Merry Christmas.

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p.s. Merry Christmas!

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Good & Evil@tallyhallHall is available for $5 on Amazon (MP3…MUzS - Get the best, overlooked album of 2011!

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xMattClarey96x Officially a tally hall fan

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Way to support, dude. RT @danim4ux Tally Hall. B0mbdigity.… You basically gotta torrent their albums...

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FinnyQuac "All of it subtle and all of it very bizarre." Tally Hall in a nutshell.

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LydiaMiller13 @tallyhall just makes my life a better life for living <3

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so what, I'm a day late.

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FUN FACT FRIDAY: To a web browser, Joe is , Rob is , Andrew is #008000, Zubin is , and Ross is #808080.

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**raises hand** RT @MGastin I'm really digging Tally Hall's newest album, Good & Evil. Any other fans out there?

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World record for amount of people singing @tallyhall's Banana Man at the same time?…

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@danicamckellar Fun Fact: The band @tallyhall named an early EP "Party Boobytrap" simply because it's a palindrome.

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Read my response to "Can someone explain to me the Tally Hall heart attack shirt?":


tallyhall Use coupon code THSALE for 30% off anything, plus an autographed MMMM booklet with every order (while supplies last)

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MarvinsMuseum Did you miss Marvin's appearance on "American Pickers"? Check it out here!...

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MarvinsMuseum Thanks to Hidden In The Sand for posting this on their wall.

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redryderent hey @robcantor "Greener" holds up nearly a decade later. great song. happy Friday pal - in NYC next week.

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Fun Fact Friday: If you stood each member of Tally Hall on of each other, the one on top's eyes would be about 28 feet closer to the moon.

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Fun Fact Friday (A new segment from HITS): If you rearrange the letters in "Tally Hall" enough times, it spells out T-A-L-L-Y H-A-L-L.

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Dream! RT @Steamlord313 My friends Michael & Tavia just put out a fantastic music video. Spot the Tally Hall…jsDc

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shelovesdjinn @tallyhall Y'all open a restaurant?

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OusmaneMariko Why aren't you listening to Tally Hall?

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PandaQuacks Gonna listen to Tally Hall all day long (:

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Found on @Gizmodo so Im posting b4 @robcantor has a chance to. | "House of The Rising Sun" played by computers

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@smullet90 Yeah, Casey only had like, a week or so to learn the songs as best h (@YouTube

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@smullet90 Yeah, both times they've played Johnny's, the mix was not good. Str (@YouTube

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Marvin Yagoda from @MarvinsMuseum was a guest on tonights episode of @americanpickers. Watch for reruns of "Not So Cheap Thrills"

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FinnyQuac @tallyhall

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HITS BLOGS: @tallyhall's Joe Hawley (@wHaleJoey) Goes Solo With His Sleigh Ride Invincibility Star

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HITS Blogs: Tally Hall: Animatronic Tales III

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HITS BLOGS: @tallyhall's Joe Hawley (@wHaleJoey) Goes Solo With His Sleigh Ride Invincibility Star

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Check out the NEW LOOK of the Tally Hallmanac: The Ultimate @tallyhall Wiki!

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adhorowi just finished recording another tune and it feellllss gooooooooooooooddddd. if you haven't checked out tune 1 yet, ...…

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