September 2011

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merknerbs I played @tallyhall's Good & Evil at work today and a customer asked if they were on iTunes. He wrote down their name :D

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tamzinrose How do people get through the day without Tally Hall?

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mbeKCRW We played You by Tally Hall from Good &

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effyeahtallyhall: C’MON PEOPLE, pay attention for X’s sake! Someone missed out on claiming their prize in...

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And now... a bunch of @tallyhall fans wish @wHaleJoey (Joe Hawley) a happy birthday! IN VIDEO FORM!!!

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Happy 29th, Joe Hawley (of @tallyhall) (aka @wHaleJoey)!

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Read my response to "What are all of the tumblr sites for TH?":


Last few hours to get your happy birthday wishes in to Joe.

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Might be better to ask @steveloter ... RT @DJ_Bean @robcantor with the "&" video? ETA?

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@cobrafish I don't believe Tally Hall has any shows lined up. Where are you seeing they're playing Sonar?

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Another Tally-Birthday fan video call for submissions. This time, for Joe - but don't NOBODY tell him!

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KenWestwood @nerdist Actually can't get enough of the Tally Hall Geek Track of the Week! .

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kougeki holy shit wet seal is playing tally hall

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Some nice love from @nerdist for @tallyhall and their cover of Flo Rida's "Club Can't Handle Me"

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Here's your "&" 8-bit composer: @JordanDail. If you didn't see it when I linked to it last

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AND NOW... a buncha fans wishing @sedghizu a happy birthday, compiled and edited by @robinchan33:

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Happy 27th birthday to Zubin Sedghi (@sedghizu)!!!

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"&"@tallyhallhall is just as awesome in 8-bit as you hoped it would be. Good

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I just sent in my happy birthday video. Have you?…

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(by the way, you should retweet that bit about Tally Hall being on Spotify so ppl can go listen to it if they havent already)

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Send me an email (webmaster@[youknowthedomain]) if you'd like me to try and send you an invite to Spotify. (no guarantees!)

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♫♪♬ Hey! Got Spotify? @tallyhall's Good & Evil is now available on

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aprilsmithmusic Does anyone of of a company that provides ground transportation for pets? I need 2 puppies brought to NJ ASAP! No flying, please : ) RT PLS!

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robinchan33 @hiddeninthesand Hey Coz, do you think you could remind folks that the deadline for this is really soon?…

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Why the hell not?!?!?! RT @LolaGeek @hiddeninthesand Kind of glad I didn't win, wouldn't want anyone saying I have a "magical groin."

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So @tallyhall held a contest a little while ago for a fan to win a personal theme song. Here it is!

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The "Personal Theme Song" winner, Nathan Naimark, has received his song! Here it is in all its glory.

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A Note About Sharing Rarities - Look, here’s the thing… There’s dozens of old Tally Hall rarities; be them...

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Learn yourself some things by reading @MCMGdotcom's interview with @tallyhall:…

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laBORAtoryaudio Bora's Face -…

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jenler_sadnie jennielogue III begins tonight. there are still many more to come.

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Charizardi Girl at apple store noticed my @tallyhall sticker & we struck up awesome conversation. LIFE POINTS FOREVER

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methrowrock Met a couple Tally Hall fans on campus, thanks to my amazing shirt!! Suddenly, the fact I am running late to math doesn't matter!

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KarstenTreu @hiddeninthesand I just learned that my car's turn signals keep pretty good time to @tallyhall's "The Trap." It's a Good Day.

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JCValeRCA Kristy Christopher is the winner of our @tallyhall poster! Please contact us to make arrangements on how to get it into your hands!

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mbeKCRW We played Fate of the Stars by Tally Hall from Good &

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@robcantor @JimGaffigan Woulda graded this an A if Gaff didn't gaffe. It's COME, not CALL. I'm sure this is the 1000th tweet about it tho.

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HITS Schwag Shop presents: The new @tallyhall Hall Monitor Shirt-Shirt line of schwag!

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Read my response to "I can't seem to find the full interview they did with Mancow from a few years ago. Am I just …":


Everyone but Zubin should click this link. (Also, don't tell Zubin)

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SEEKING: Whoever won the personalized song contest from @tallyhall. We fans wanna hear what happened with that!

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A chance for even the non-Americans to win a Good & Evil

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RainCityRCA Today is your last chance to throw your hat in the ring to win an autographed Tally Hall poster! Click on the link...

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ashleyreneeTMAS Fun fact @tallyhall "@TodayILearnd: TIL that the ampersand (&) was the 27th letter of the"

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I'm sorry everyone, I should have mentioned that when designing a t-shirt, only the chest region is printable.

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JCValeRCA @tallyhall fans! We are giving away an autographed poster from the group here:…

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Just wonderin' if anyone's working on submitting any ideas for the new Hall Monitor shirt? Haven't heard anything.

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mattchaw @hiddeninthesand my brother took some pictures at the @tallyhall show in minneapolis.…

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