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Am I crazy or is @robcantor teasing a follow-up to (Actual Cannibal) Shia LaBeouf?

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Arbmanthesheep My @robcantor poster came in the mail today, so now I have to do things involving the number 14 because that's my new lucky number.

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bandoftheday @robcantor hey there! You were voted one of our best artists of September: Congrats!

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HitFix Shia LaBeouf and his mountain man beard regale Kimmel with the story of his cabaret arrest @HitFixRiot

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Shadolith remembers the tour when @TallyHall wore fake mustaches while setting up equipment

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(previous (re)tweet was just a reminder of the awesomeness)

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JohnMayer Here’s a link to @robcantor’s song “Perfect.” It’s a phenomenal song that should be heard.

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@ginger_time But someone snuck 1 in and that’s how we got: Time Machine, Break It Down (reworked), At Least A Day, and The Kazoo Song

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@ginger_time Yeah they were adamant about no recording devices being brought in to that show. so there’s very little to be found.

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Happy-happy birthday to the best Andrew Horowitz impersonator: @adhorowi! p.s. The 29 Impressions video crossed the 9 million views mark!

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No! They’re wrong! RT @wHaleJoey: I got : Green! What Color is Your Personality? via @play_buzz

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@octopustophat @ginger_time I dunno why you two are so anti-HITS, but if you weren’t, you’d see I am only here to help. Just ask.

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@octopustophat @ginger_time my point was, u don’t have to spend so much time & money on these things.

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@ginger_time To clarify, I'm not the one selling them on eBay, but maybe I should be if people are actually buying them.

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@ginger_time I have a pile of them reserved for contest giveaways I never got to give out.

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@ginger_time I agree they should change it up. The black shirt is not a bad idea. The tie colors maybe not as saturated, too.

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We have our first entry into the “I’m Gonna Win” music video contest! Thanks, @cdigames! You’re in the lead!

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@cdigames I got it! I like bizarre! Is there a reason you kept it hidden or can I share it out?

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dundee998 cruel irony

i bought a Tally Hall CD

my laptop has no CD slot

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Twin Peaks is coming back. Many of you are younger and don't really care, but it's huge. Now only one thing is left to come back... *ahem*

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@ArtistRShoop Your story is not uncommon, but I don’t know what else to do — I’ve tweeted and FB’d so many times about it.

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Anyone w/ a cellphone can make a video. Creativity is the only requirement. Maybe now, not even that’ll be needed!

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NEWSFLASH! I still have yet to see A SINGLE entry in the “I’m Gonna Win" music video contest.

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@AlMindElectric Simply because Zubin is not currently doing music at this time. It’s an SEO thing. He’ll be added if he puts out solo stuff.

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